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Ty LeBeouf is one of the sweethearts of Hot House. This hot, bald muscle stud popped onto the scene a couple of years back, and he's been breaking hearts ever since. I don't know if LeBeouf is his real family name or a stage name (I'm assuming the latter) but someone should tell this gorgeous hunk of man that he's spelling his name wrong -- it's le boeuf, and it's French for beef. And whether he's LeBeouf or LeBoeuf, one things for sure, he sure is a hot, hunk of beef. I love watching this hairy muscle bear getting his butt porked, and he does bends over quite for Hot House. Ty LeBeouf is one of the hot men featured in Hot House's new gay sex video Wood Work, which you can only see in their Backroom. In the wood working shop, Ty swaps fucks with handsome black hunk Eddie Diaz. (Yes, Ty switch hits!) And I just love watching Diaz pounding LeBeouf beefy ass hard and fast.

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