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Maximo Cazzo lives up to his name. Italian for "the biggest cock," Maximo is packing an 8.5-inch cock. He's first generation Lebanese-Italian, and you can see that two cultures create a very nice mix indeed. In this Extra Big Dicks video, Maximo is paired up with Jeharrad Lopez, a 22-year-old, Lebanese guy. These two horny, Lebanese guys are going at it in a bathroom. Maximo is first down on his knees and takes Jeharrad's cock easily into his mouth. Jeharrad fucks Maximo's mouth and loves the feeling of his big dick pumping into his buddy's wet mouth. This get Jeharrad really horny, and he spends some time on his knees in the shower sucking Maximo's delicious cock. Maximo's dick is as thick as a beer can, so Jeharrad takes it slowly. Maximo stands Jeharrad up against the tile wall and buries his tongue deep the young guy's sweet fuck hole. And it's not long before Maximo replaces his tongue with his huge cock. Right there on the bathroom floor, Jeharrad gets his ass spread wide open and loves every minute of it.

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