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Calvin is a 25-year-old guy and quite the exhibitionist. When he works out at the gym, he never wears underwear. "You can see it through my gym shorts," he said. "I'm always working out and my shit's visible. You can see the outline of the head and everything. I can't help it, it's just big." It would follow then that Calvin would be open to jerking off for Sean Cody, which he did a couple of weeks back. This week, he's doing his first suck and fuck scene with Jonathan.

Jonathan is a masculine guy who is experimenting with both guys and girls. His favourite experiment to date was a double penetration scene; Jonathan was one of the guys doing the penetrating, his buddy was the one taking two dicks up his ass. Jonathan has only been fucked by one big cock and said it was painful; but when Sean Cody asked if he'd be willing to try it again, Jonathan said, "Possibly."

Possibly came sooner than Jonathan thought. Jonathan and Calvin were lying on the bed and getting to know one another. Who was going to bottom hadn't been determined, but after talking for a bit, Jonathan volunteered. The thing was that Calvin had already planned to bottom in this scene. So after sucking one another's big cocks, these two horny studs flip flopped. I do love watching a big dick sliding into a tight butt hole. And these two studs definitely have the right equipment. Sean Cody does it again!

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