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When you've got two big-dicked guys paired up to make a gay porn video, you're not always sure who is going to get boned. This week Extra Big Dicks has teamed up two guys who have each appeared on the gay porn site separately. Trey Turner is tall, good-looking, and he packs an impressive 8-inch dick. Jason White hails from the mid-West and he's got Trey beat by an inch. That's right, this slender, 20-year-old guy from Kansas is sporting a whopping 9-inch cock between his legs. The problem with this pairing is they're both versatile, but prefer to top. But in the gay world of Rock, Paper, Scissors, an 9-inch dick always tops an eight. Who wants to see an 8-inch dick drilling a juicy butt hole when you can throw an extra inch in there? The guys get to work each sucking the other's dick. They even do some 69 cock sucking. And then, Trey bends over the bed and Jason starts introducing him to his long, hard cock. And by the time they're done, Trey finds himself lying back on an over-sized ottoman with his hairy belly covered in spunk!

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