Jessie from You Love Jack is a little on the scruffy side, and has a hint of bad boy about him, but honestly after seeing his cock, everything else about him pales into insignificance. You know all those sites that claim guys have 12 inch dicks - the kind where you know they aren't really as big as they claim? Well, Jessie has a REAL 8 and a half inches, and you can see that is a fucking big cock. You can see him holding that mammoth piece of man meat as it fountains cum right into his own mouth - and he's doing his best to drink every warm drop!

Before Jessie even had his clothes off, his cock was thick and swollen inside his briefs, and you could see he had a lot more going for him that most of the amateur guys you see - around 2 1/2 inches more ;)


And then he pulls that thing out - and oh, my God - it's like Moby fucking Dick! This is not just done with camera angles - Jessie is incredibly endowed. It's gotta be almost impossible to fit that entire rod in your mouth, but wouldn't it be fun trying?


And yes, Jessie is a flexible guy. In fact, his dick is so big and he's so limber that he can suck himself! As you can guess, this pic came just before the first one - after he sucks his own rod, Jessie shoots his load into his hungry mouth!


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