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I was surprised to find two guys jacking off together on Next Door Male because NDM devotes itself to the solo male. Packed with well over 150 men, Next Door Male has never featured two guys working their cocks side by side. But on a closer look, I figured out that these two guys were twin brothers. So I guess you could say that identical twins are closer to being one guy than two. Next Door Male is a part of the same family that brings us the Visconti Triplets, so I'm not surprised that they managed to find a pair of twin brothers willing to jack off together. Mathew and David Studding are also known as the Studding Twins. These 21-year-old twin brothers have enjoyed the last few weeks playing with other models and they'll be showing up on Next Door Buddies in the weeks to come. But the guys wanted to do a video together - just the two of them. So get ready to watch them showering, and then, kicking back on the bed, watching a porno, and jacking off together. Hot!

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