Tube Crush

Tube Crush is one of those sites that you've simply got to put in your Favorites collection, or bookmarks, or your little file of sites to come back to when you need a lift. It's really simple and yet it works very well, it's voyeuristic and yet not sexual, though it will spark your imagination. At least, those were my first thoughts. What happens is this: guys (and gals maybe) are out and about on the UK Underground, on their way to work, traveling about, doing the usual routine, and finding that the tube is a pretty boring place to be. Unless you use your phone cam to take a snap of cute and sexy guys in the same carriage. They don't know they are being snapped, and they end up on this site for the world to see. There is usually some comment about them, and the other neat thing is that all the guys are different. Though there is a tendency for them to be on the twink and jock side of the tracks.

Have a perv at the photos and then check out the other fun things: there are competitions to enter, T shirts to buy, you can share the site with your social networking places and then even send in your own pics. But whatever you do, make sure you save this site and come back day on day to see some unsuspecting talent from beneath the streets of London.

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