Troy Punk has always been a favourite of mine. He's a beautiful guy with a hot, hairy body. Troy works out and the effort pays off, especially when you see that big, bubble butt of his. Man, he's got a beautiful ass and I love watching a man fuck it. Two perfectly round and smooth mounds and flesh and an ass crack that's trailing blonde hair. Fuck he's got a sweet butthole. And Troy Punk has a hot cock, too, thick at the base and then a strong banana curve. When it's engorged with blood it blazes red and pink and stands out against his paler skin. Troy Punk's done some working for Raging Stallion Studios and so it's always a pleasure when he shows up on Rear Stable. In this week's update, he's in a solo gallery. But Troy Punk is also featured in a hot fourway on the site, and he's also featured in two of their movies: Hot Properties and Ass Quest. I'll have to check out Ass Quest, no doubt Troy Punk is getting his ass porked in that one.

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