tristan bull

Tristan Bull is one of the most popular guys to ever hit the pages of Next Door Male. And it's not hard to see why. He's a very cute guy with soulful brown eyes and a couple of day's worth of face scruff. He's packing a ripped body with chiseled and plump pecs, six-pack abs covered in fur, and a delicious treasure trail rising up from his long cock.

Tristan likes to party, so when Next Door Male snuck into his apartment the other morning they weren't surprised to find him still sleeping. They called his cell phone to wake him up, and as Tristan stirred, he realized that he had a morning wood. Next Door Male suggested that Tristan jerk off and get rid of that morning wood, and he was only too happy to do so.

Tristan slid out of his shots and showed just how hard his morning erection gets. And he rolled over on the bed and gave us a look at his hot ass - two firm butt cheeks covered in fur with a hairy ass crack. Tristan set about stroking his stiff cock and eventually blew a deliciously creamy load all over his hairy abs. What a way to start the day!

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