Trenton Ducati's Curved Cock Fucks Donnie Dean Trenton Ducati's Curved Cock Fucks Donnie Dean

Trenton Ducati and Donnie Dean are very well proportioned to one another. Trenton stands at 6'1 while Donnie stands at 5'9. Perfect height for each other as they stand face to face kissing madly. It is obvious they are hot for each other as the bulge in their bathing suits grows bigger and bigger.

Donnie is hungry for Trenton's cock. Pulling pulls down his trunks he gets a gander at a gorgeous piece of meat. Trenton's dick is firm, thick and very fat. But most importantly it has a curve to it that would satisfy any prostate. Donnie eagerly starts to suck Trenton off, enjoying the taste of his pre-cum.

Trenton has a taste for something as well, namely Donnie's hole. He wants to get it ready before fucking it. Trenton abruptly stops Donnie's sucking and slams him against the wall. Pulling down his bathing suit, Trenton begins admiring his fine round bubble butt. He wants to taste that hole before fucking it, so Trenton begins to rim Donnie much to his pleasure.

Trenton is not finished prepping Donnie's hole. It still needs to be stretched. Getting Donnie to lie face down, Trenton begins to finger and lick his hole. While at the same time giving Donnie's butt a spank. This combination of fingering and rimming is getting Donnie so turned on, he begins humping the mattress.

Donnie is begging to get fucked, as he cannot take this teasing much longer. He wants to go to the next step. Having Trenton's cock up his ass. Trenton positions himself right on top of Donnie, teasing him even more. Sliding his cock in-between Donnie's crack. Trenton is eager to start this fuck as well, but he loves to tease as well.

Finally the moment Donnie has waited for, Trenton plunges his raging cock into Donnie loosened hole. They go at it over and over and over again. From doggy to missionary to sit-fuck, their energy and passion for one another seems endless.

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