10 and 11 inch dicks

Can a dick every be too big? Do we gay men often fall victim to the eyes-bigger-than-your-hole syndrome? I mean if you're going to chase after a 10-inch dick, you'd better be able to handle it. Right? This week Extra Big Dicks answers the question: Can a man's cock ever be too big? And they've enlisted the help of 20-year-old Devon Moss and his 10-inch cock and 23-year-old Mario Costa and his 11-inch dick. Devon Moss is a baby-faced stud from North Carolina. He's currently single, and that's probably because he hasn't found a guy who can handle his 10-inch, horse cock. Mario Costa is originally from Cuba, the land of big dicks; he's lived in Miami for about 10 years and he's also single. Hey! Maybe these two super-hung studs should shack up together and take turns riding those giant dicks. But in this scene it's Devon who ends up seeing how much dick his ass can swallow. Fuck! He even sits on Mario's monster dick. He makes a lot of noise and grimaces while doing it, but he does manage to take all 11-inches. And then, these two horned up guys sit side by side and jack off together. Wow! That sure is a lot of meat. So can a cock ever be too big? Well, maybe, but definitely not when you're watching someone else sitting on it!

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