Tom Faulk and Jarec Wentworth Get Into Major High Jinks Tom Faulk and Jarec Wentworth Get Into Major High Jinks

Some things just aren't meant to be. Like wanting to blow us all away with Jarec Wentworth's debut in a new series called "Men For Sale." already made headlines when they stole Wentworth away from Randy Blue who lured him away from Sean Cody. Joining should have been great news for Wentworth fans, but then Tom Faulk barreled into town and scooped all the headlines.

On May 18 Faulk tweeted, "Fired from filming in new york because i partied to much? Wow so was the rest of the @men cast. Im pissed ive never missed a flight." And then a month later on June 23 he tweeted, "Extending with @men 6 more months.....Love this company so much, @JarecWentworth and i are sure to get into major hijinks now!!" And the day before Faulk tweeted that love, he was arrested in Texas for various drug charges and failure to report an change. can't catch a break.

"Men for Sale" is Jarec's debut at, and really the first time we've seen him do any acting. The first part had him fucking his lover Jimmy Fanz in a New York City hotel. Then when Fanz went out for food, he was kidnapped and Wentworth feared he had been sold into a human trafficking ring. Wentworth decides to go undercover, but gets into a mess and Tom Faulk shows up at the human auction to buy Jarec for $30,000. And Jarec fucks Tom to thank him for the rescue. Didn't I see this in a Jennifer Lopez movie?

This second scene ends with auctioneer Dirk Caber busting in and finding covered-in-cum Tom lying on the bed while just-shot-his-load Jarec is getting a call from the rest of the surveillance team. And we head into the third episode where who knows what high jinks the men will get into now. Will Dirk fuck them both before selling Jarec and Tom as sex slaves? Will Jarec cut a side deal with the auctioneer? It sure is fun watching porn guys trying to make serious movies. Oh well, it's all in fun, isn't it?

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