Hunter is an 18 year old jock with a perfect body, rock hard abs and a perfect cock. The lucky guy who gets to suck on that piece of meat is Landon. Landon is also 18, and while he doesn't feel he's ready for a LTR, he says he's always ready for some fun - and he couldn't wait to wrap his lips around Hunter's tool after he heard that Hunter hadn't had a guy/guy experience yet. When College Dudes 24/7 put these 2 horny guys together, there was instant heat between them!!

The first thing Landon wanted to do is run his tongue along some of Hunter's well-developed muscles. And Hunter loves to pose, flex and show off his physique, so things got off to a good start.


While Hunter has never been sucked by another guy before, he's a normal horny 18 year old - which means his hormones are quick to take over. I can't be sure if those flexed muscles are because he was tense when things got started or because he was still showing off that beautiful body. A bit of both, I suspect...


Landon is having a great time sucking on Hunter's hard dick, and Hunter is thrusting into his mouth, pushing his meat in and pulling it out as he gets closer to shooting his load...


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