Rick Bauer is the latest amateur to be featured at Xtra Inches. And what a beautiful guy he is. I'm not usually into blonde guys, but there's a couple of things that will always get my dick stirring about them - hairy legs and uncut cocks. I love it when blonde guys have really hairy legs. I love the look of blonde hair on a man's leg, I just think it's so sexy. And Rick has a nice, thick set of thighs and they're covered in hair. I also love uncut cocks - can't get enough of them - and Rick has a beautiful cock. Rick starts off his gallery in a pair of black, underwear briefs, and he's really not sporting much of a bulge. And in fact, it takes him a while to slip those babies off and show us his cock. Truth be told, I'm betting that Rick is a grower and not a shower and that's why he took so long to slide off his underwear. When he does start slipping them off, it's his big, bubble butt that he's showing us first. What a hot ass! Big, round butt cheeks with a hairy ass crack. And then Rick finally gets naked and he's got a big cock. It's long, thick, and uncut cut. We never do get to see his cock soft, which is a shame because I adore looking at uncut cocks soft just as much as I like them hard. And Brett's got a healthy set of balls, too. You're going to love this good looking jock and his thick uncut cock.

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