Thick Cock

Cocks always amaze me. Enzo here wouldn't catch a thing walking around a bath house nude. His soft cock is really not that impressive, in fact, it's downright small. But that's where you'd be missing out. And you could learn an important lesson - never judge a man by the size of his soft cock. When Enzo strips naked, his balls are more impressive that his dick. He's packing a hefty pair of bull balls hanging low between his legs. A couple of pulls on his uncut cock and it starts to grow. And it keeps growing to unbelievable proportions. I mean, don't you find it amazing that a guy can start off with a 3-inch long penis and within less than a minute he can triple its length and girth. What an amazing feat of engineering. When Enzo is completely hard, he's packing an impressive thick and juicy cock - 9-inches long and fat. His foreskin slides back over his shaft and reveals an inflamed and sensitive cock head. And his erection is so strong, curving upwards like a banana. He jacks his fat cock until it explodes with one of the whitest loads of cum I've ever seen. His splooge truly is milky white and shoots across his smooth belly.

Fat Cock

Thick Dick

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