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Christian recently appeared on TommyDxxx, but this week, he's showing off his thick cock on Next Door Male. Christian rides in on his motorcycle and proceeds to get naked and pose with his bike. And wait until you see the thick hog hanging between his legs. He slaps that chunk of meat up on the motorcycle's leather seat, and it's simply incredible. Feeling horny and with a stiffy growing in his hand, Christian lies back in a hammock and settles in for a hot jack off session. Aside from a big, juicy cock, Christian has a delicious pair of low hanging balls. His body is lean and mostly smooth, except for a fine patch of hair in the middle of his chest. His legs are long and very hairy, and he's sporting a lovely pair of big feet. After stroking his dick hard, Christian moves down to the river to shoot his load. And this horny stud shoots a nice one. He empties his balls with a couple of huge blasts that squirt cum right up his chest, almost hitting his neck.

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Big Cock

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