Theo Ford Fucks Tony Milan in "Criminal Lovers" Theo Ford Fucks Tony Milan in "Criminal Lovers"

When the second episode of Criminal Lovers opens, Tony Milan is sitting in a dog cage. His captor Theo Ford enters and sticks his face over the cage and says, "Good morning." He shoves his sandwich through the bars and Tony rips off a piece and eats it. "Don't worry," Theo begins, "You'll be out of here soon." He lets his prisoner out of the cage and nuzzles his face against Tony's, then smelling him he says, "Come on. You need a shower." They head into a shower room and Theo pushes Tony against the wall.

Tony never does get to shower, nor do we discover the reason he's been in a cage. Theo presses him against the wall and continues rubbing against him, initially Tony rebuffs his captor's attempts to kiss him, finally Theo grabs Tony's head and kisses him deeply, then after a few seconds Tony gives in. Slowly the clothes come off and Theo pushes Tony to his knees and Tony sucks tentatively on Theo's big cock. Theo pulls Tony up and plays with his dick, then he says, "You have ten seconds to get your dick hard." Theo starts counting off and Tony strokes his penis. He never does get it hard and there's aren't any consequences either. It's weird, but by now I'm not expecting anything to make sense. Theo squats and finishes the task with his mouth.

Tony leans against the wall while Theo first rims his hairy ass, then pushes his hard-on inside. After a few minutes of pumping, Theo sits on the edge of the shower and Tony rides his cock, then Tony lies on the shower floor and Theo pulls his legs and ass over his head and plunge fucks his prisoner. Theo showers Tony with cum, then hears noise outside. He goes to the window to investigate and sees two men digging in his garden, it's Malek Tobias and his assassin from the first episode -- they have a body to bury. The third and fourth scenes from Criminal Lovers continue this week featuring Theo Ford fucking Robbio Rojo and Darius Ferdynand fucking Tony Milan. Hopefully we'll find out why Milan has been caged.

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