The Latin term for 6 people engaged in any activity is "sextet". I really think it's quite appropriate in this case. With 6 extremely hot, hung and hairy hunks taking part in all the debauchery that Hairy Boyz are so famous for, one could almost come up with any number of terms. The stars of this production are Steve, Jake, Tamas and Huessien. The other 2 dudes aren't mentioned in the info, but it's always nice to have a little mystery going on don't you think?


Huessien is nailing one of the guys here. I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with all these guys to name the bottom. I guess it doesn't matter though does it. All that's important is watching Huessien's sensational abs tense up as he drives that sweet hairy ass with his ramrod.


Like most Arabian men, Huessien has one of those asses you just want to walk up to and grab. I bet with his dick buried deep in his pal he wouldn't be protesting a warm, slick tongue tickling his nads.


There's the whole crew for ya. As always, these shots from Hairy Boyz are fantastic. But it's the free vid gallery that is sure to get your juices boiling over. Hair, muscle, cock and ass. The best of the best if you ask me. I won't waste much more of your time here so you can take a visit over to the gallery and blow a nut. Or 2, or 3, or....

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