The Straight Guy Sucks Better Dick Than the Gay One The Straight Guy Sucks Better Dick Than the Gay One

I've been waiting for this moment for one year and 12 days. Rocco Reed announced his retirement back on May 17, 2013, but had so many scenes in the can that Reed's final scene is just airing today. I was never a Rocco fan, nor was I a hater. But on his way out the door, Reed left us with this little gem: "I would also like to state that I am not or never have been gay, just an adult performer."

Talk about puking all over your fans and the company that employed you for 45 scenes. Since then, Reed has been like the lingering party guest who just won't leave.

Rocco Reed's final scene is called Hotel Surveillance and stars Johnny Ryder. The pair are playing businessmen who check into a hotel for a frenzied romp while the horny front desk clerk watches them on his spy cam. Rocco and James burst into the room with got-to-have-you kissing. Funny, for a straight guy Reed sure kisses like he means it. None of that gotta-do-it-for-the-scene kissing, we're talking a full-on tongue fest.

Reed pushes Ryder on the bed and gets to work on his dick. Again, Rocco sucks dick like he loves it, like after this last scene he's never going to do it again. You know, how you really enjoy that last cigarette before you put on the patch? And what's really funny is that he gives better head than the gay guy. Rocco eventually sits back on the bed for his not-very-good, token, two-minute blowjob. But it turns out that Ryder is an all-about-my-ass type of bottom and doesn't give very good head.

So Rocco puts Ryder on all fours and fingers his hole, then Reed fucks him and they both shoot their loads. I don't know if knew this was going to be Reed's last scene when they filmed it, maybe it's a big coincidence that they let him go out on top. Anyway, now Mr. I'm Not Gay can mosey off into the sunset and do whatever retired gay-for-pay porn stars do. Thank God that's over.

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