American Ninja Warrior

TV programming for gays doesn't have to be all The Golden Girls, Will & Grace and Glee. There are plenty of other shows that appeal to us guys--and sometimes they're found where you would least expect it. We never would have guessed that a sports/reality competition show would become our new obsession, but American Ninja Warrior is funny like that. It just sort of creeps up on you with its combination of feats of mind-boggling physical daring and its bevy of hot, hot men!

The show, which airs on NBC and the G4 network, has been on for five seasons. It's an American version of the popular Japanese reality series Sasuke. Each year thousands of hopeful applicants, mostly men but a few brave gals, attempt to conquer this brutal obstacle course. First, they compete in qualifying events in cities all over the country, including Miami, Baltimore and Denver. An assortment of everyday guys who happen to be schoolteachers, auto mechanics, firemen and pizza servers turn up and are showcased in the show's "Competitor Profiles." We learn a bit about their backstories, but more important, we see how they train, building their sculpted bodies into prize specimens. Seriously, these dudes are ripped! And they could put any porn star to shame with their bulging muscles and brass balls!

After qualifying, the top-10 competitors get a chance to take on Mount Midoriyama, the mother of all obstacle courses. Only three people in the world have ever conquered it. Will this season bring No. 4!? The title of first-ever American Ninja Warrior comes with a $500,000 cash prize. The four-stage finals are about to begin in Las Vegas. Fasten your seat belts, guys. And maybe unzip your pants, too!

American Ninja Warrior airs Mondays at 8 pm EST on NBC. Check local listings for G4 showings.

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