I do love being on my knees and looking up at a nice piece of meat. And Mike's 7-inch cock is perfect. I'm not a pig, anything more than you can easily hold in your mouth for more than 10 seconds is a waste anyway. Mike's just turned the corner into his thirties, he's 31 years old with tanned skin, shaved head, and hypnotizing brown eyes. He's a horny fucker, still jerking off once or twice a day. What a waste. With a hot, hairy body and a cock like that, he should be getting one blowjob a day. I'd volunteer. Mike's got a great ass, when you get around to looking at it. It's furry, but not overly so, just whisps of hair creeping up from his thighs and trailing across his butt cheeks. But he's got a deliciously hairy ass crack. And what a lovely set of low hanging balls on this stud. I do love holding a nice set in my hands, rolling them around and feeling them. And as Mike jacks off and gets ready to shoot his load, his balls tighten up and get ready to splooge a nice load of cum all over that hairy belly of his.

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