Okay, okay, we get it. He's new. He's big. He's different. He's Jesus Christ at 20. With an eight-pack. And licks guys' anuses. Or has his licked. Or was it both? Maybe neither. Like a Super Hero! But there's a person underneath 'The Black Spark' and, damn it, I'm the one he's going to lay down like a lion for so he can bare his soul! Grrrr!

You do know The Black Spark, right? He's the 20-year-old "seasoned" adult performer known as 'Josh Stark' who appeared in and if you believe one rumor (he's not, according to his manager) or he's really Jesse James reincarnated, which I choose to believe. But if you've been following the porn blogs, you'll know right now that The Black Spark is bigger than Joe Dallesandro, Robert Mapplethorpe and John Lennon rolled into one huge puffed pastry and garnished with a dollop of Elvis. He's being that talked about. (Whether or not he's any good, you'll have to watch his art and decide for yourself.)

So, The Black Spark timeline: It began when Fleshbot starting tracking his video journals - don't call it porn! - back in November of last year, but seemed to take off after his interview with Zach Sire over on The Sword. Shortly after that, Phillip B. Crook of Out Magazine did a more extended interview with TBS before he hopped on Boy Culture for a lengthy, deep and wonderful interview on the nature of creativity. (Warning: There's some braggadocio here but, then again, this is also a man with hundreds of followers on Twitter and who doesn't follow a single one back.)

But this is a young man who isn't even old enough to legally drink here in the states yet and is also dealing with a lot of attention very quickly (with considerably more to follow

if and once he's "unmasked," I'm betting). And my guess is there's a need to control the narrative of what's being told about him - of course there is, really - and that requires a certain forcefulness of personality.

Masked or otherwise.

What are (or were) the sorts of cinematic qualities that got you to this point? (The point where you were able to make, for example, "Sunday Faith" or "I Know I Love You.")

I'm not certain I understand the question but a whole lot of those afternoons got me to the point where I could share it with people. It took a while to feel comfortable. Having a proper outlet to present some of this stuff to the world is important and I'm in the process of putting that together. I'm waiting on the next evolutionary step for Black Spark.

Why do you think people have responded so strongly to your work?

There are many reasons and I get emails everyday from fascinating people. Some fans and some who are just curious. People from all walks of life who each get something different out of the work. I believe people are responding because I'm representing them in my work. Maybe for them I represent an idea or a side of themselves they've been unable to show to the world. They keep their Spark a secret and through my work they're able to realize something new in themselves. I'm a voice for them and I'm saying the things they want to hear and say.

Have you seen Ryan Sullivan's work? Travis Matthews? John Cameron Mitchell? Any thoughts about what they were going for?

I haven't seen their work. I do try to shield myself from outside influences on some level. David Lynch and Tarantino are influences for me. Honestly, I don't really watch gay movies and I'm not aware that there are many great ones. I don't live in a world where I go looking for them but I'm open if someone has suggestions. That might come as a surprise to people who've seen some of my work. I watch a lot of older films and I spend most of my time filming.

What are you going for? What do you want to say, if anything and how is this particular manner of expression the best way for you to go about it?

I'm working my way to the place I want to be. I started in a fairly controversial place but that doesn't mean that's where I'll end up. I'm not only speaking to a gay audience. I just filmed some new stuff and I'm introducing a new character to the Black Spark's universe. I think labels are bullshit. Am I saying anything? Sure. What that is depends on who's listening and watching. I showed my passion to the world. I put it all out there and people can decide what it means to them.

Does anyone in your family know what you've been doing or how quickly your fame has magnified?

I don't know the answer to the question. I don't really know if they know and I wouldn't want them to tell me if they did. I don't want to have discussions about fucking with my mother. Has nothing to do with shame or guilt. It's more about having a private life. If my family knew they would be accepting but I've chosen this path.

Where does the sex two humans have - at least the your last two videos - replace words? Feelings?

When love is involved. The sex that's happening in my work is full of love.

Are you a nineteenth-century train robber?

Absolutely! :)

(A special shoutout to Jason from Black Spark Films who made this happen.)

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