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I love sucking cock; it's my favorite thing to do with a man. And I pride myself on being pretty skilled at giving good head. But over the years, I've also noticed that a lot of gay men don't really have a clue when it comes to blowjobs. So, I thought I'd start a series of oral sex posts, a sort of tutorial if you will on the art of cock sucking.

When it comes to giving good head, the first thing you have to consider is how you conduct yourself when someone is sucking your dick. You see, one of the secrets of getting a hot blowjob from a guy is that you let him know that you like what he's doing, and if you don't, then you need to let him know that, too.

When I'm sucking dick I really get turned on when I know I'm making a man feel good. If a guy is just standing there and not saying anything, or not making any noise whatsoever, then I get bored. And if I'm in a bathhouse, then I start thinking about moving on and finding another hot cock to suck.

But if a man moans and groans or says, "Yeah, that feels good," then I'm inspired to keep sucking. But more important than that, if I deep throat a guy's cock, for example, and let his cock head press against the back of my throat and he says, "Oh God, I love that," then I've been giving a clue about how this man likes his dick sucked. I can now add this to my cock-sucking repertoire to make this a memorable blowjob for this man.

If I'm not getting any of these verbal clues - and non-verbal physical ones like touching me or looking at me - then I have no idea if I'm doing a good or bad job. And without those indicators, I could suck a man's dick all day and be doing it wrong, and he'll never cum.

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A big part of getting and giving good head is listening to and responding to each other. This sexy bald man in these photos is named Marco, and he's never had his dick sucked by a man before. He showed up at New York Straight Men and resident cocksucker Trey got down on his knees. And this scene really illustrates what I'm talking about because Marco gives Trey all the grunting and groaning clues that he's enjoying what this cocksucker is doing.

And Marco also doesn't have a problem telling this nob gobbler exactly how he likes to have his dick sucked, either. In fact at the beginning of this oral-sex scene Marco told Trey that his girlfriend gives excellent head, so he's really going to have to prove that he's a good cocksucker. That just gets Trey revved up even more and gives Trey a challenge, and because of that Marco gets a good blowjob.

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The other night I picked up a man online and I went over to his place to suck his dick. He was a hot, beefy hairy man and as I knelt between his legs and bobbed on his cock, he let me know that I was doing a good job. He stared at me and watched me sliding his hard meat in and out of my throat, he rubbed my head, he held my ears, he moaned and he groaned.

And once we were into it he told me that he'd love it if I rubbed my hairy chest on his balls while I sucked his cock. Not really my thing, but if that's what a man likes, then that's what a man gets. And because I listened to him, it wasn't long before he dumped a big load down my throat, and that made me very happy.

So, my first pointer for giving good head is that you have to listen to both the verbal and non-verbal communication coming from your partner, and if you're the guy getting the blowjob, then you have to make sure you're conveying this information to your partner. If you lie there like a dead fish, you can expect a mediocre blowjob. And likewise for cocksuckers; if you don't listen to your partner, you'll probably never be invited back to suck this man's dick.

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