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Does a big dick have to be pretty to be good? Jessie Alan is back in town and he's showing off his 9-inch cock again on Extra Big Dicks. It's not the nicest looking dick - it's long, and as your tongue crawls up the shaft you reach a little gutter and a curve that morphs into his cockhead, which is olive-shaped, and not quite as plump as a cocksucker might like. But 20-year-old Jon Estevez likes it just fine. He holds this tattooed guy's big cock in his hand and marvels at the size of it. His rosebud is twitching, knowing this is going to be a challenge.

Likewise, Jessie was so horny thinking about fucking this baby-faced Latino guy. And those plump cocksucking lips are going to feel so good sliding up and down Jessie's magnificient pole. Jessie loves Jon's dark hair, his face scruff, and that hot ass of his. Jon is into Jessie's soulful eyes and totally loves his ink.

The guys start kissing softly as Jon's hand starts to explore Jessie's growing cock. Jon licks and sucks that uncut monster cock and it starts growing by the second. He holds Jessie's smooth balls in his hand and swirls his tongue down his long shaft taking as much of it as he can down his throat. "You like the way that tastes?" Jessie asks. This just revs Jon up.

Face down on the chaise, Jon gets his ass stretched wide as Jessie starts to give him every thick inch he's got. Then this tattooed guy pounds Jon's ass - pleasure and pain - Jon winces and groans. The guys get into a missionary position and Jessie tenderly kisses Jon while driving his cock deep inside his ass. Then Jessie pulls his cock out and explodes all over Jon. When he regains his senses, Jessie goes to work on Jon's ass, fingering his juicy hole and helping Jon shoot a massive load all over himself. Whew! That was a good.

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