Tattooed Guy

Eddie is a mechanic and a student. And he's covered in tattoos. I love the contradictions in his look - on the one hand he's very cute, but on the other, his tattoos and piercings give him a bad boy look. His arms are sleeved in ink and he's got more tattoos across his chest, on his leg, and one above his navel that says "Destroy." Good or bad boy, I love him. He's really fucking hot. Eddie is 24 years old, works at a local auto shop part-time, and goes to school at night to get his full-fledged mechanic's license. Eddie classifies himself as loveable and nice (there's that good boy), but with a hard edge. And he says that he cums at least once a day. After waking up, Eddie slides of his boxers and gives himself a little jerk before going in the bathroom to pose and pump his muscles. He really shows us what he's got. But for the grande finale, this tattooed guy goes outside and strips naked. Lying on a blanket in the morning sun, Eddie jacks his cock and creams himself with a thick load.

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