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Anthony Smith still hasn't lost his boyish good looks. He's 21, but he's still looking as innocent and cute as ever. He starts off his Next Door Male scene playing a game of billiards, and halfway through the game, he decides that he'd rather be jacking off. I guess looking at all those balls and holding a big stick distracted him. And speaking of big sticks, Anthony is hung like a yak. When he first strips out of his clothes, you'll first notice his big and intricate tattoo on his chest; then your eyes will fall on his big low hanging balls -- they're quite impressive. But as he lies back and starts stroking his meat, his cock stiffens into quite an impressive dick. It's definitely a two fister. And this guy obviously loves getting himself off; he moans and squirms around throughout the whole scene. And when he shoots his load, he's quite vocal about how good it feels. Anthony shoots a messy load of cum all over his belly.

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