Taking The Porn Plunge: Benjamin Godfre

Ever since hunky model Benjamin Godfre came on to the scene some years ago shooting ultra-sexy pics in skimpy underwear, all the gays around the world were wondering when the fuck was he gonna do porn. I mean, it's just the obvious step up from slutty underwear pics!

Well, now the once-model is taking the porn plunge with Falcon Studios, and he has just recently shot a porn solo with the studio that will be out "very soon". There have been stills of the shoot circulating all around the net, and of course it looks like Benjamin is really enjoying himself, literally.

Benjamin Godfre Cock

The scene titled "Erotic Photo shoot" will be available Mr. Godfre's website, but no news on when that is going to be. If you wanna see this hunk jerking it for all it's worth, you have to join his "Inner Sanctum". I wonder now that he has taking the solo scene plunge when we will be seeing this stud fucking or getting fucked by some hot porn guy. Recently there have been rumors going around that he is spending LOTS of quality time with another former model turned nude model, Simon Dexter. Could there be a scene with these two in the future?


I know we will be hearing TONS more of Godfre when the scene is finally released, and then when he does more porn, 'cos once ya do one you wanna do a whole lot more! Have a look at these sexy promo pics from his shoot.

So, are all you gays excited that this hunk finally decided to do some porn or are you already over it? Lets hear what you horny HOMOS have gotta say! Will Mr.Godfre get a warm welcome in the porn scene? Only time will tell... Disfruten the snaps!

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