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Bric and Taylor have a bit of history together at Active Duty. When they just started doing their first videos for the amateur guy site they did a blowjob scene together, It was Taylor's second time give head to a guy and Bric's first time ... well, on camera anyway - there was that drunken experience he talked about in his interview. Anyway, the guys are both regulars on Active Duty now and you can see that they're doing a lot more than sucking dick.

Bric and Taylor have each filmed several more times with Active Duty and they've done sucking and fucking with other guys on the site, but this is the first time they've been together since their first blowjob scene together. The guys start kissing each other and peeling out of their clothes and Bric is the first to give head, but reaching down and tugging on Bric's stiff cock gets him horny for some oral action, so after a few minutes, the guys swap and Taylor sucks Bric's hard uncut cock.

Bric suggests that they take things a little further to the next level, so Taylor turns on his side and rears his ass towards Bric's hard dick, who happily starts inching it into his buddy's butt hole. Taylor hikes his leg up to his chest to give Bric easier access and Bric starts thrusting deeper. After some doggy style fucking, Taylor puts Bric on his side so he can get some fucking action, too. And he pounds Bric harder than he's ever fucked any guy before. Seems like these guys have learned a thing or two about guy-on-guy sex. And I'm wondering if they might become fuck buddies off camera, they really enjoyed one another.

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