Damn I love REAR STABLE. Just when you thought they couldn't get any better they feature Alexy Tyler and Justin Christopher getting right into each other like there's no tomorrow. Hung, gorgeous and hungry, these two mega-hunks give us a scene that you'll never forget. And not only do we get to see these guys each other up in images, but we get a free video gallery as well. Rear Stable knows what you desire and go out of their way to deliver it. God Bless them I say.


That boy's got a nice deep throat doesn't he? Mmmm. Can't blame him with something that luscious in his mouth. It's like a scrumptuous piece of sausage that just needs to be devoured. Things get so hot with these guys. Fucking gorgeous!


Look at that. Tell me you wouldn't be on that rod in a nano-second. I SO would. Perfectly formed and ripping with veins, a cock like this is made to be worshipped. Nothing more, nothing less. What a blessing.


What a lucky cameraman. How the hell do they keep their head's together when they shoot this stuff? I'd be a terrible photographer! I'd drop the camera and be on my knees inhaling meat. That's probably why I'm writing about it and I'm not the photo guy. LOL. Regardless. The meat is here guys. REAR STABLES deliver each and every time. You know who they are and you know where that free gallery link is. Go get it.

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