Oh yes, Tailpipes is right. Rear Stable keeps pumping out these sensational scenarios featuring such fucking hot dudes. I really can't enough and I do believe I'm hooked like a junkie. Justin Christopher is the proud owner of a very large penis and puts it to good use on Martin Mazza's splendid asshole here. As you can always expect from Rear Stable, both men are drop dead gorgeous and possess all the tools we seek from a hardcore fuckfest.


Just look at that spectacular cock. God damn! You think Martin can take all that down his throat? Well I'll tell ya, he sure does a good job of it. And who wouldn't with something like that in their mouth? I know I'd be digging deep in my soul and trying for all my might to swallow that thing whole.


Oh. It looks as though Justin is getting ready to take the plunge. That plunge into a nice tight ass where life just doesn't get much better in my opinion. It's scenes like this where my versatility really comes out. I could be either the top or bottom in this scene. I'm sure both are equally as enjoyable!


There it is guys. Martin takes that big ol' stick right up his rectum. What a lucky dude. Of course, so is Justin with that sweet tight manhole squeezing him for all he's worth. Although these are some great shots and are certainly enough to give me a raging hardon while I write this, the real shit is over at the free gallery link. And true to tradition, Rear Stable live up to their name and deliver the goods.

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