• Weekly Price Check: Video Boys

    Weekly Price Check: Video Boys

    From the beginning of this week, Video Boys reduced all memberships by 25%! That means you can now join this fantastic site, scoring a healthy 74/100 in our review, for just $11.21! Video Boys features young guys from 18 to their early 20s from Montreal in solo, duo and group sex scenes. Join now to see all the site's slender twinks having fun!

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  • Jo Diamond & Dominic Couture

    Jo Diamond & Dominic Couture

    Maybe it's because Jo is turned on by these awkward and sometimes public displays of sexuality, or maybe it's because he's too horny to wait until he gets his date back into a private bedroom. Whatever the case may be, this scene was Dominic's chance to get Jo into an environment where he could spread out and really enjoy Jo's big cock the way he has been dreaming of, ever since that rushed, cramped experience in the apartment bathroom. And both these boys took advantage of this comfy setting to really explore all their senses, especially taste and touch. Dominic took the time to explore that beautiful, fat cock and Jo savored every moment of Dominic's smooth, sweet ass.

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  • Jordan Thomas & BF Shawn

    Jordan Thomas & BF Shawn

    Jordan Thomas has piercing blue eyes and chiseled cheek bones and he certainly pulls in the second glances. They arrive back after a day of shopping and Shawn is too busy texting his friends to give Jordan the attention he thinks he deserves. He shows some flesh but it doesn't quite work. Jordan ups the ante and shows his boyfriend at Video Boys a face full of ass in a cute little jockstrap. That's an offer he can't refuse and he instantly buries his face between Jordan's cheeks. Shawn is the one gets ass fucked by his boyfriend - a kind of punishment. Jordan blasts his thick boy cum right in Shawn's face.

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  • Damien Gunn Is The Epitome Of The Digital Generation

    Damien Gunn Is The Epitome Of The Digital Generation

    Video Boys model, 18yo Damien Gunn, is typical of most guys his age, he's been the owner of a "smart phone" since his early teens, and it is now a permanent appendage, something he simply cannot exist without! He uses it to keep in touch with friends and family, all the social media sites, and naturally, uses it for hook-ups with other guys and even to make videos of himself doing all manner of things.

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  • OMG, I Want Him To Fuck Me!

    OMG, I Want Him To Fuck Me!

    Zac Hunter is a twink on a mission - he's always horny, knows exactly what he wants when he sees it, and is not afraid to let the world know all about it! Video Boys had heard that Zac really wanted to get fucked by Jo Diamond, and they arranged this meeting so the guys could do their thing!

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  • Cute Guy Gets Blowjob From Twink In Specs

    Cute Guy Gets Blowjob From Twink In Specs

    Maxwell Marteau has previously hung out at Videoboys when he did a solo just over a year ago. Producers were surprised to get a return visit from the cutie as he was not open to getting a hug, let alone have a guy suck him off.

    That's the job of Benjamin London, the tanned twink with specs. He sucks Maxwell's big, uncut dick until he squirts his load onto that eager face.

  • After All These Years Who Is The Better Top?

    After All These Years Who Is The Better Top?

    Have you ever hooked up with a former lover? Is the sky blue? We all have. Especially with a lover where both parties are inexperienced. This is what happened to Tyler and Dominic. They had gone out together when they were both new to the gay scene. Fumbling their way through making out, and not knowing what was what. Fast forward a few years, and both men are now much more mature. Plus very experienced in the bedroom. Having perfected their love making skills.

    Dominic has excelled as a fantastic cock sucker. While Tyler has great technique when it comes to rimming. But both men want to know who is the better top after all these years? Tyler wins the coin toss and is up first. He pounds Dominic's ass hard. Fabulous topping technique. However Dominic is next to show off his pounding prowess. Tyler is flipped on his back and fucked with great enthusiasm. So which guy was the better top? You need to see the video for yourself to make that judgment.

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  • A Fleshjack Moment On Videoboys With Vic Palmer

    A Fleshjack Moment On Videoboys With Vic Palmer

    Vic Palmer has a delicious 9 inches to share. He's a cute face too, with some washboard abs to enjoy when he's in his birthday suit. Here he is playing with himself and a Fleshjack toy, working his big cock for the camera and feeling every inch pleasured inside.

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  • Straight Twink's First Time

    Straight Twink's First Time

    Just because you're straight doesn't mean you can't be a twink. Max Dawson's got a girlfriend, and he's never tried sex with a guy, but he's a slender, tempting cutie with a boyish face and a nice ass. Benjamin London loves nothing more than breaking in straighties, and he's been working on Max for a while. Well, today's the day - after enough alcohol, Max forgets his girl and the Video Boys cameras, and the guys do some serious sucking and fucking!

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  • Just a Little Kink

    Just a Little Kink

    Zac Wilder is back on Video Boys, and this time he wants to get a little kinky. He brings some of his sex toys from home - he lets the director whip him (nothing too hard, just a little sting) as he stretches his ass by sitting on one of his own dildos, uses an inflatable butt stretcher and then shows off his gaping asshole!

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