• Public Exposure: Bodybuilder's Ass Eats His Underwear

    Watch this and decide if you can forgive him for his messy apartment. He seems to otherwise be making good use of his time, with an estimated 25 hours a day at the gym. That's an exaggeration. Let's say 22 hours at the gym and three hours posing for himself and anyone who will watch.

    I'm not certain of his forms of income, but I expect one is quality control tester of underwear. Because an underwear manufacturer knows if their products can survive the onslaught that is his ass, they can survive anything.

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  • Amateur Action: Curved Cock Self-Suck Off

    There's something spectacular about the combo of smooth body and facial stubble. While this guy may be naturally smooth, it's also possible he shaves his body down then gets so turned on by himself he gives up on shaving his face while he masturbates for days on end.

    That could explain his totally glazed over look. And his shamelessness to show where his cum ends up. Spoiler alert: in his mouth. Self-sucking tends to result in cum in the mouth. It's a known and documented side effect.

    He also manages to press the head of his cock to his anus because why not? Though he does forget to completely fist himself, go down on a dildo and fuck a cantaloupe. And I applaud him on forgetting the last one because food should be eaten not fucked. Though people who eat food should be fucked if they want.

    But there's no waste here. Just sort of wasted looking show off masturbation and a curved cock that might not have started out that way but gravitational and hormonal forces have angled and curved it toward its owners holes, resulting in a curve not unlike the curvature of the universe.

    Then he cums in his mouth. Not a loud big bang but you know he's feeling it. And he wants you to feel it too.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Shaved Smooth Cock

    Kink Spotlight: Shaved Smooth Cock

    I can count on one hand the number of totally smooth cocks I've seen in locker rooms. I wish I could say count them "with" one hand because that sounds fun. I may get flustered and need to try to count them over and over.

    Trimming is definitely more common than full-on shaving. And some people don't want the potentially silly and unusual look of shaved cock and hairy everywhere else, though I think it looks delightfully kinky as it makes the cock's shaved status stand out even more.

    But so does an erection.

    For folks into this is a kink, the shaving process itself and the result, seeing that indent at the base (which varies in depth and precise shape) can be part of the excitement. Seeing the cock hold itself up in erection with all its mechanisms visible is like being behind the scenes at an X-rated puppet show.

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  • Flashback: Instagram Star of 1964

    Flashback: Instagram Star of 1964

    While I'm not certain of the date, I am sure if Instagram had been a thing then, he would have hoards of followers. And in a sense, through the web of physique magazines at drug stores and red light district shops plus plain brown wrapper mail order, those fans would be equally anonymous as an Instagram follower is now.

    I hope he put himself through college with his impressive looks, getting a psychology degree and opening a practice to support wayward homosexuals with whatever the opposite of conversion therapy is.

    The appointments would primarily consist of the modeling poses you see here, except he'd be in a tweed jacket, bow tie and wire-framed glasses. His care would have been covered by all the major insurance companies, because the people who used to control insurance company arrangements were utterly and consistently homosexual. 

    You can't prove me wrong.

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  • Furry & Smooth Guys Fucking Together

    Furry & Smooth Guys Fucking Together

    I love pairings that show off differences ... white and black, cut and uncut, slim and muscular, and in the case of these two recent Blake Mason scenes, hairy and smooth guys. This newest scenes features Aaron Lautner getting his ass fucked by the beefier and hairy Kai Davis.

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  • Newcomer Shaun Likes It Rough

    Newcomer Shaun Likes It Rough

    East coaster Shaun debuts in his first porno and he's stroking his cock over at Guys in Sweatpants. When it comes to sex he likes to take control. "I like it rough ... scratching, slapping, throwing them around." He didn't say whether the "them" referring to guys or girls, so I guess we'll have to wait and see. But for now, enjoy watching this hunk of muscle stroking out a cum load.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Smooth, Naked Daddies

    Kink Spotlight: Smooth, Naked Daddies

    Daddies are the ultimate form of birth control because you'll either jack off thinking about them or if you meet up with one, your load will get used up harmlessly. Smooth, naked daddies make everything better. 

    Hey, that's a pretty good slogan, isn't it? And I could come up with some other slogans for them but if they strip down, not much more advertisement is needed then that.

    I get that smooth isn't everyone's thing. And even less so for older guys I imagine, especially nowadays with the cult of masculinity (whatever that means). But for many it's their thing. And they dig that the guy is so body conscious and even more exposed by taking away whatever body hair he has.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Shaved Cock

    Kink Spotlight: Shaved Cock

    Shaved crotch cock. It's not just for crabs anymore. Nope, it's a simple body modification that says a lot. Such as "look at my whole damn cock with nothing in the way" or "suck my whole damn cock with nothing in the way" or "I love looking at myself smooth and jacking my whole damn cock with nothing in the way."

    Or just a what the fuck why not moment.

    Now I'm not going to instruct you how to do it beyond safely trim first, then shave if you dare with the grain and after shaving creaming the hell out of it. And it's totally a flexible razor head moment. I accept no responsibility for nicks. Especially Nicholas Cage. 

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  • Cam Boi: Ivan Muscle at Flirt4Free

    Cam Boi: Ivan Muscle at Flirt4Free

    What's that in your ass, Ivan? One of those newfangled vibrators remote-controlled by horny folks watching you? Because those kinds of vibrators tend to vibrate and make you shake and moan.

    The future is grand.

    It's almost like Ivan himself is remote-controlled. I bet him knowing how watched he is makes him work out just a bit harder. Good.

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Super Smooth

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Super Smooth

    Are these guys as super smooth as their super smooth bodies? Super suave? Super seductive? Super market?

    Strike market. I'm in the middle of making dinner right now.

    And for dinner, I would prefer to sip aperitif while gazing lustfully and wistfully at these fellas.

    Maybe if I stare long enough, one of the will tell me what aperitif means.

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Infinite Dick

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Infinite Dick

    Infinity plus one is still infinity. So here we are at the world of infinite dick. These 6 have pushed it over the edge. The tipping point at which there are more dicks online than there are humans in the universe. But have we reached dick saturation? Speaking for myself, and my own dick hunger, nope.

    It's always time for more dick. Such as during wedding vows. That's a great time for dick. If anyone has any objections to this union, speak now or forever hold your peace. That's a great time for dick. To work dick into one's wedding vows. Commit to dick.

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Dick Math

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Dick Math

    So Einstein was right about the existence of gravitational waves, it was recently proven. How can we prove my theory that there is a variable point at which the attractive of a guy's dick/body/face will compensate for what normally would be deal breakers. 

    Like is a sense of humor important to you in a guy you're dating? How about if his dick were 10" long? Because he can put a clown nose on that thing and call it a day. You may not be laughing but you will sure as hell take the clown hose off and take care of business.

    So is that DS > 10 = -DB? As in dick size greater than 10 equals negative deal breaker?

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Get to Know This Guy

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Get to Know This Guy

    Let's get to know this guy by asking him several intensely personal questions. Guys love to talk about themselves so it should be no trouble to get deep inside his psyche. I'm really good at one-way conversations so I'll take it from here.

    Hi, great smile! How's your night going?

    That well? Awesome. It's really warm so you took your clothes off, you say? Then you were cold so you thought a camera flash would keep you warm, and it did, but only for a millisecond you had to use the flash again? Makes sense to me!

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  • Big-Dicked Marine, Mason Is Back!

    Big-Dicked Marine, Mason Is Back!

    Mason is back at Island Studs with his massive dick. The hot marine gets completely naked on the beach and does a little surfing in the buff. In his new video, the tight muscle stud plays with his hard cock, shows off his hole, and jerks off on the beach. He's quite the exhibitionist and every angle of the fully nude marine is a pleasure to watch as he pleases himself!

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  • Infamjousj Shows His Smooth Ass

    Infamjousj Shows His Smooth Ass

    Infamousj at Bad Boys Bootcamp (no we haven't made a typo!) loves to play with his tight bubble butt. He's also pretty endowed with 7.5 inches, which also makes an appearance from within and pulled out of his cute jockstrap undies. He props up his smooth boy pussy for everyone to enjoy as he plays with his hard cock. I love a good ass tease!

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