• "I Loved Sucking His Dick."

    "I Loved Sucking His Dick."

    Gio Lockwood appears in his first hardcore scene and Gay Hoopla paired him up with veteran Sean Costin. (Incidentally, this is Costin's thirtieth scene with the site.) Gio can't believe his eyes when Sean pulls off his shirt. When it was all over, the director asked what his favourite part was: "I loved sucking his dick," Gio says with a grin. 

    But seriously, this pair have a couple of the hottest bubble butts and watching Gio fucking Sean doggy style is an ass overload. If you're an ass man, you don't want to miss this one.

    Watch This Scene, See Sean Costin in 30 More Videos

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  • New Porn Hunk Brock Magnus

    New Porn Hunk Brock Magnus

    "I've wanted to become a porn star for a long time and I've always been a huge fan of Lucas Entertainment," says Brock Magnus. The Czech muscle hunk has been signed to an exclusive contract with the studio and debuted in his first scene last week. Along with Andrey Vic, Brock filled Andy Star's mouth and ass with his beautiful uncut cock

    Magnus has a long background in bodybuilding and puts his beefcake body to good use. Weighing a solid 230 pounds, he lives Andy Star a good thumping.

    See Brock Magnus in "Cum Hungry Butt Sluts"

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  • Public Exposure: Polish Bodybuilder Jan Olejko

    Jan Olejko likes to work out a lot.  In very brief briefs. And posts snippets of himself getting his muscles just how he likes them. All while not acknowledging in the slightest that he's working out in his underwear for the public.

    Thank you Jan.

    There are too many to pick from but these two highlight his bulge from two angles. Oh and lots of workout techniques. Though he never talks. Just a few times laughs at himself messing up a move. 

    Ha ha Jan. I also just messed up my pants.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Muscle Morphs

    Kink Spotlight: Muscle Morphs

    Do you have an ethical problem with getting off on guys who are on steroids? Do I have the answer for you! Muscle morphs. Just don't try to have sex with a morphed guy in person as Photoshop only applies in two dimensions.

    At least the current version of Photoshop.

    Er, strike that steroid anti-warning because allegedly, it's possible some of the original photos used to make these morphs are of guys on steroids anyway. That's their choice of course. Though there is a lot of pressure too. Because it's important to be able to rip your shirt by breathing.

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  • "Nervousness" with Brendan Phillips & Darion

    "Nervousness" with Brendan Phillips & Darion

    Darion is nervous, he's never had sex with a man before, but somehow, BrendanPhillips sweet talked him into coming home with him. Brendan eases into it and gives Darion's strong, bulging shoulders a rub, then he sucks his nipples. When Brendan finally swallows the hunk's dick, Darion is hooked. Brendan edges the bodybuilder until he's ready to show Darion how good it feels to fuck ass.

    Darion Fucks Like a Truck - Click Here to Watch

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  • Kink Spotlight: Muscular Calves

    Kink Spotlight: Muscular Calves

    There's a very simple, practical reason to get into calves, especially when it concerns calf watching in public. You're generally looking at a guy from behind so he can't catch you easily and potentially go homophobically crazy at the attention.

    Dark but true.

    Now when you approach him and offer a calf massage, no promises on the reaction you'll get either way. If you offer a calf humping session, definite promises that you'll get some sort of reaction. Like maybe his calves will twitch in anticipation.

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  • Maskurbate: Peter Lipnik

    Maskurbate: Peter Lipnik

    Do these masked hunks turn you on? I generally like to see who I'm having sex with, but masks can be fun, hell, so can glory holes. Peter Lipnik has a beautifully built body and maybe the mask helps focus more on his physique than his face, although I couldn't stop looking at his kissable lips. And then there's his uncut cock, foreskin hounds will love watching his hood sliding up and down his shaft. Come inside and check out the load he spills. Impressive.

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  • Flashback: Time Machine Full of Men

    Flashback: Time Machine Full of Men

    Whenever people get into time machines in the movies or on TV (or in real life) there never seem to be a bunch of naked men in the machine. Now logically, they could be at the destination and then get into the machine with you to travel back to your place.

    And at least one out of 10 time travelers are gay and half are men so five percent of time machines should logically be full of naked men. I don't understand why they aren't, so these vintage pics are a close second.

    Of course taking someone from an era into a different era does tend to fuck up the timeline and piss off whoever manages the space-time continuum. But considering there are naked, sex-driven guys in any era, it would hardly make much difference.

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  • Maskurbate: Jeremy & His Fleshjack

    Maskurbate: Jeremy & His Fleshjack

    It's always exciting to see a straight guy use his first Fleshjack for the first time. At Maskurbate, it's Jeremy's turn to try one out. He strips off, revealing his big, uncut cock as he slips out of his denim jeans. His thick cock gets slid into the tight toy and he uses it to pleasure himself before attaching it to a mount and fucking it like a pussy!

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  • Sean Cody: Arnie

    Sean Cody: Arnie

    Arnie has gone alone to Sean Cody to step outside his everyday life and have some fun doing a solo scene. He's a muscular guy, all beefed up and looking to do something different to his average corporate business life he's used to. Laughing as he says it, Arnie jokes about really stepping out of the bounds and having fun. He strips off after posing outdoors and plays with his hard cock.

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