• Flashback: Instagram Star of 1964

    Flashback: Instagram Star of 1964

    While I'm not certain of the date, I am sure if Instagram had been a thing then, he would have hoards of followers. And in a sense, through the web of physique magazines at drug stores and red light district shops plus plain brown wrapper mail order, those fans would be equally anonymous as an Instagram follower is now.

    I hope he put himself through college with his impressive looks, getting a psychology degree and opening a practice to support wayward homosexuals with whatever the opposite of conversion therapy is.

    The appointments would primarily consist of the modeling poses you see here, except he'd be in a tweed jacket, bow tie and wire-framed glasses. His care would have been covered by all the major insurance companies, because the people who used to control insurance company arrangements were utterly and consistently homosexual. 

    You can't prove me wrong.

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  • Amateur Action: Muscle Daddy Dildo Ride

    After a long, hard day at the office, at which he rode dildos and jacked off under bright, fluorescent lights with a 30-minute break to enjoy his Lean Cuisine microwave lunch and small talk with his office mates, this guy finally has made his way home for a relaxing evening. 

    He just happens to spend his relaxing evenings riding dildos and jacking off under bright, non-fluorescent lights with dirty small talk and a 30-minute break to relube everything. 

    In his own professional words: "i got these super tight cut-offs that made me feel so fucking horny that i had to make a film of me riding dildos through my stripper thong. it was hot as fuck."


    I do admire his ability to get swept up in his own massive horniness, like he's living alone for the first time and has free reign to turn his domicile into a sex club reality show with a cast of one. He's constantly winning the glory of sexual stimulation and exhibitionism to the maximum his body can endure, which is plenty. 

    Meanwhile, I'm on a waiting list to become his downstairs neighbor. I would like to be lulled to sleep by the sounds of his one-man oinkfest. And maybe one day, the sex I was having would be so loud and intense, he would bang on his floor to get me to shut up. A pig can dream.

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  • American Muscle Hunks Resumes Production After 10-Month Hiatus

    American Muscle Hunks Resumes Production After 10-Month Hiatus

    American Muscle Hunks has released their first video in ten months. "After a gym hiatus we're back with a bevy of buff gods for your worshipping pleasure," says the site. I'm not sure what a gym hiatus is, but Steve Rinkz is a welcome sight. Rinkz is an unknown in Pornland, but he has a sensational body with artistic red and black ink covering both arms, kissable lips, and a chinstrap beard. In his debut video, Rinkz slowly reveals his tight, round butt and even spreads his cheeks before lying back and stroking out a load of jizz.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Giant Muscle Tits

    Kink Spotlight: Giant Muscle Tits

    Probably some of these guys wouldn't be into the classic gay thing of calling a guy's muscular chest "tits" but I don't care. They're too exhausted from working out to kick my ass anyhow. And maybe don't mind whatever you call their pecs as long as you pay attention to them.

    Close attention. And throw in some worship and everyone will be happy.

    Now there's a possibly a couple of these are retouched, namely the guy at the bottom left. And that says more about the person who did the retouching than the bodybuilder himself. Because the pecs, assuredly already big, weren't quite impressive enough so needed electronic help to properly balloon out.

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  • Logan Is Dominant But Likes to Be Held

    Logan Is Dominant But Likes to Be Held

    It's been a while since a Sean Cody guy turned my head. But Logan definitely put a kink in my neck. This beefy hunk is a solid piece of muscle and everything on him is big -- his feet, his thick thighs, his big cock, and all the way up to his bulging biceps and round shoulders. And he says that even though he's dominant in bed, he likes to be held too. I can't wait to see who is going to be holding Logan.

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  • Public Exposure: Smooth Daddy Muscle

    Someone needs to break it to this competitive masters bodybuilder that he doesn't earn any points posing in his living room. Though he does lose points for the mismatched furniture. And having posing briefs on it. 

    And also loses points according to one of the commenters who says: "Get that gum out of you're f&+%ng mouth."

    The rather handsome as hell, built, indeterminately medicated bodybuilder concurs with: " Agreed... it's that f&+%ng horrid pre-contest diet control effort in progress."

    This is a revelation. I didn't know saying "fuck" in YouTube comments wasn't allowed, considering the offensive trash that normally defines them.

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  • Muscle Hunk Vincent Shoots a Big Load

    Muscle Hunk Vincent Shoots a Big Load

    Muscle hunk Vincent is so smooth that you could slide right off him. He's making his first JO video over at Active Duty and he loves the camera. He loves rubbing his balls while working his hard-on and helping churn up a big load of jizz. His breath quickens and he finally unleashes a healthy helping of cum all over his shaved pubes and belly.

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  • Flashback: 1980s Muscle Men

    Flashback: 1980s Muscle Men

    So shiny. So swollen. So intense. So totally, awesomely objectified.

    Without these ridiculously wonderful caricatures of the human male form, body oil manufacturers would have had to go out of business. And thanks to the myriad muscle magazines gracing the newsstands with their throbbing, veiny presence, a good number of very creative (and semi-ridiculous) photographers and graphic designers were kept busy.

    Fitness magazines still exist but they are much more wise to that objectifying gaze and don't quite go "gay as hell" in their aesthetics. It's more muscles as armor, less muscles as seductive.

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  • Muscle Jock Unloads His Nuts

    Muscle Jock Unloads His Nuts

    RJ is 25 years old, he likes working out and loves snowboarding. He's making his first video at Active Duty. He's 5'9", weighs 165 pounds, and he's packing a thick, uncut cock. He settles back on the couch and strokes his hard meat and explodes all over his ripped abs. 

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  • Flashback: That Special Porn Sheen

    Flashback: That Special Porn Sheen

    Besides their near or full nudity, these fellas have something in common. It's a sheen, an aura brought on by lighting, sweat, oil, or, admittedly, retouching. And it's special.

    That sheen is what makes some photos look otherworldly. And whatever it takes to reach that other world, I want a ticket. Warning though: after prolonged exposure to perfect pornography, probably don't apply the same expectations to the real world (unless you live in West Hollywood).

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  • Muscle Hunk Rico Introduces His Big, Long, Uncut Cock

    Muscle Hunk Rico Introduces His Big, Long, Uncut Cock

    Rico isn't going to win any beauty contests, but if he's entered in the Best Big Long Dick Contest, then he's got that one hands down. And I'm pretty sure he'd also steal the trophy for the Best Big Long Uncut Dick too. And if we're going for a performance prize, does he win if he shoots his cum load up onto his chest? I think he does. 

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  • Public Exposure: Muscle Daddy Ball Peak

    Watch this one while you can, before it's flagged off YouTube. Sure at first it just looks like a smooth muscle daddy working out on a bench. And then you look closer and see his daring fashion choice. 

    And his total exhibitionist "accidental" wardrobe malfunction. There's nothing I love more than someone showing off and pretending not to. And what better place for it than YouTube the home of cat and Russian dash cam videos.

    But don't take my word for the intentional nature of this non-intentional flash. Here's daddy "drauflos" in the comments:

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  • Flashback: Naked Bodybuilder Buddies

    Flashback: Naked Bodybuilder Buddies

    I'm guessing these guys may have known each other prior to the photo shoot. One of them got into modeling first then got his workout buddy into it too, maybe for a $5 finder's fee, which was a lot of money back then.

    $5 could buy 75 jockstraps or 100 handjobs. You haven't lived until you've experienced a nickel handjob. They are everything.

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  • Beefcake Hunk Brock Back Jack Hammering Shaw's Ass

    Beefcake Hunk Brock Back Jack Hammering Shaw's Ass

    Shaw has bottomed for a lot of guys on Sean Cody and he really loves getting his ass pounded. Brock is a new beefcake hunk and it's taken him him over two years to follow up his jack-off session with some hardcore fucking. But after fucking Joey a month ago, it seems like Brock has discovered a new passion for screwing guys. And he's got one speed -- he loves to jack hammer.

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  • Inked Daddy Feasts on Muscle Boy's Pink Hole Before Fucking It

    Inked Daddy Feasts on Muscle Boy's Pink Hole Before Fucking It

    Leon Lewis has a delicious pink butt hole and he loves having a man eat it. When he wakes with morning wood, he hops up on his hands and knees and offers his tight pucker to Teo Carter. The inked daddy happily tongues Leon's pink rosebud and gets it ready to receive his large cock.  

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