• Dallas Steele Releases Third Bareback Video This Month

    Dallas Steele Releases Third Bareback Video This Month

    Dallas Steele is quickly making a new name for himself in bareback porn. The former Titan Men exclusive has just finished his third bareback release in two weeks and Lucas Entertainment is calling this his "bareback debut." However, Steele has already filmed two bareback scenes for two other sites. 

    Nevertheless, Steele is making his first appearance on Lucas Entertainment, so in that sense the site is right, this is his bareback debut at Lucas. This scene is from Manuel Skye: Alpha Daddy and Steele stretches out Ruslan Angelo's smooth hole.

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  • Public Exposure: Smooth Daddy Muscle

    Someone needs to break it to this competitive masters bodybuilder that he doesn't earn any points posing in his living room. Though he does lose points for the mismatched furniture. And having posing briefs on it. 

    And also loses points according to one of the commenters who says: "Get that gum out of you're f&+%ng mouth."

    The rather handsome as hell, built, indeterminately medicated bodybuilder concurs with: " Agreed... it's that f&+%ng horrid pre-contest diet control effort in progress."

    This is a revelation. I didn't know saying "fuck" in YouTube comments wasn't allowed, considering the offensive trash that normally defines them.

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  • Kink Spotlight: Salt and Pepper Guys

    Kink Spotlight: Salt and Pepper Guys

    Very difficult not to write Salt-N-Pepa because they are everything. But let's focus on guys with salt and pepper hair. And how much we want them to aah push it, puh-push it real good. 

    For a melanin loss process that happens naturally, it's not like that certain look is worthy of congratulations. Though some folks will dye away the grey. Which is fine, but they're missing out on folks who are super drawn to that look.

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  • Public Exposure: Mature Muscle

    So there's this guy on YouTube who has a few halfhearted videos and an ebook. He can't much compete with the whole Abs After 40 thing, and who could because if you don't have abs when you turn 40 your torso can't hold you up and you keep toppling over into a big vat of pancake batter.

    But this guy, who goes by the powerful YouTube handle "Richard," blows them all away. With his ass. With this extremely perverted close-up view of him working out his ass in public in a gym. 

    Now there's nothing wrong with him doing that. But just imagine people seeing the cameraperson holding the camera between Richard's legs from behind. Hey Richard, I'm available for that job anytime!

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  • Backroom Scent at Men Over 30

    Backroom Scent at Men Over 30

    Max is cruising for some sweet ass in the backroom of a cruise club when he comes across Dek leaning against the wall showing his ass off in his jockstrap. Max stops to check him out and starts rubbing his dick through his denim pants. He moves in to get a closer look and takes a whiff of Dek's masculine scent before fucking him from behind!

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  • 'My Professor' at Lucas Kazan

    'My Professor' at Lucas Kazan

    Hotel Italia's sexy, hung 'father' returns to Lucas Kazan. He's not done a porn scene for over 13 years, Ettore Tosi, director of the movie informs us. Pietro is one of the most popular Italian daddies the studio has ever seen. The silver fox is paired with a cute, smooth younger guy to do his film on location in Milano, Italy.

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  • DILF Robert & His Big Black Dick

    DILF Robert & His Big Black Dick

    DILF or Dad I'd Like To Fuck is a new series of Maskurbate episodes where Pascal gets to give mature men some worship from head to toe, kicking off with the muscular, black Robert. He stands with his impressive bulge in a pair of Cellblock undies once he's out of his jeans and tank top. Robert has a greying beard, which is just so hot! Pascal gets his lips around Robert's 9 inch hard cock and gives the uncut hunk a great blowjob.

    Get this full length episode right now at Maskurbate for $2.95!

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  • Top #Selfies of the Week: Hot Uncles

    Top #Selfies of the Week: Hot Uncles

    The hot daddies phenomenon gets a lot of press. As I'm sure you know, it just made the cover the Sunday New York Times this past weekend. Sandwiched between articles about Hilary Clinton's email and the Cannes Film Festival. Which makes total sense because Hilary is always emailing about hot daddies and the Cannes Film Festival always has Tilda Swinton on the runway and she's totally a hot daddy. Totally.

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  • Sexy Beard Explosion

    sexy beards

    You ever make out with a guy and end up with beard burn after? Or nipple burn if he rubbed his beard on those sensitive nips tips? Or inner thigh burn if, well, you get the picture. That burn, however red, tender and potentially incriminating, is really a badge of honor. So worth it.

    Breaking news: a beard isn't going to make an unsexy guy sexy. But it can magnify a guy's sexiness. It so can to the point that it's easy to make up all sorts of adjectives, stories, and secret identities for a guy based on beard alone.

    But except for pure beard fetishists (who would fuck beard trimmings or date George Clooney's hairdresser's personal assistant's aunt's son's mailman's cable installer just to get that close to George's stubble), the eyes matter. The face matters. The jawline matters. The clothing, or lack of clothing, matters.

    And beards can be cute also. A man with a beard eating a big, messy ice cream cone? Yum! Still it can itch to grow one. Yeah well high heels hurt so just deal with it. Because, sorry about it, but beards are fashion. And a beard doesn't make a guy masculine. Holding a door for you and fucking you in a hallway does.

    In a pinch, a beard also makes a great cum rag. Speaking of which, I think cumrag should be a compound word, but Urban Dictionary (the AP Style Guide of filth), has it as two. Oh fuck it. Cumrag! Cumrag! Cumrag! Beards make awesome cumrags! And certain bearded guys fuck awesome.

  • Furry Puerto Rican & Silver Daddy Flip Flop

    Furry Puerto Rican & Silver Daddy Flip Flop

    Rikk York is a sexy newcomer to gay porn. He's a furry Puerto Rican, he loves sucking cock (thoroughly enjoyable to watch), and he's versatile, although I prefer watching him bottom because he's got such a beautiful, fuckable ass. He's been making the rounds and he's just showed up at Hot Older Male with silver daddy Jake Marshall.

    I couldn't be more thrilled with this pairing. Marshall is a sexy man and he's a slow, passionate, and enthusiastic lover. If you crawl into bed with this hunk (and you're not making a porno) you know it's going to be one of those 6-hour marathons where you don't care if you ever cum because the sex is so hot.

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  • Real-Life Lovers Share a Bottom

    Real-Life Lovers Share a Bottom

    I always like watching real-life lovers fucking on video, I guess what turns me on most about it is that I think it gives us a look at how things look in their bedroom. But does it really? Joe Gunn and Geoffrey Paine are the lovers in this Alpha Males scene and they're spit roasting Hans Berlin.

    The truth is that what we see on video is almost always pure fantasy, usually some director's idea of how the scene should go. I've watched both Geoffrey and Joe bottom and top for each other, but I still don't get a real sense of who is more dominant in their bedroom. I've seen plenty of real-life raging bottoms cast exclusive in top roles in video -- what a disappointment that must be for real-life hook-ups -- so you never really know how these couples really go at it off the screen.

    Still, it's fun thinking about being Hans Berlin with Geoffrey's big dick plunging down your throat and Joe's uncut meat pumping your hole, or the reverse when the men flip around. And watching them both taking turns on this hunky bottom really fuels my own fantasies. I like both men, they're similar in some way, but very different in others, and they have different fucking styles. Keeps the imagination churning with the possibilities, doesn't it.

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  • Fucked By The Coach

    Fucked By The Coach

    Cute athlete Ethan Travis is having some alone time in the locker room showers after a game. Well, he thinks he's alone and strokes his cock under the spray of water. But in this new video from Hot Dads Hot Lads, coach Max Dunhill is spying on Ethan, rubbing his crotch and getting turned watching his star athlete playing with his boner.

    Ethan finally notices the coach and is startled at first, but the coach waves him over and offers the boy his cock. Ethan's been dreaming about doing the coach and now his fantasy is coming true, right here in the locker room.

    I haven't seen Max Dunhill in a gay porn video in a while; he used to do quite a bit of filming for Butch Dixon, but it's been a few years and I'm pretty happy to see him back filming at Hot Dads Hot Lads. He's a sexy, ripped bald man and he's swinging a full-sized piece of meat between his legs.

    Ethan feasts on the coach's thick cock, then Max squats and swallows Ethan's uncut dick. The coach bends his player over and eats his ass and slides his thick hard-on into the boy's tight hole. Ethan lies back on the bench and the older man fucks him hard until he squirts all over himself, then Ethan chews on the coach's nipple until he creams himself. And the two jump back into the showers for some fun clean-up.

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  • Zak Powers Fucks Jake Shores

    View full video at Hot Older Male

    When this video from Hot Older Male opens, grey-haired daddy Zak Powers is sitting on Jake Shore's face and getting his nuts sucked. He's stroking his thick cock, urging it into a hard-on and Jake is playing with his nipples and rubbing his furry chest. Then this cock-sucking daddy gets down on all fours and moans his way to bottom heaven while Powers screws his ass.

  • Luciano and Theo Devair

    View full video at Hot Older Male

    Luciano is a big-bellied daddy and he's one of the most popular men over at Hot Older Male. He's screwed a number of younger guys over there and this week he's got a new hottie in his bed. Theo Devair has a sexy round ass and he loves taking daddy dick.

  • Friend from the Bar

    View full video at Mature Gay Movies

    The skinny bearded daddy in this video from Mature Gay Movies has a meaty thick cock. He's picked up a big daddy bear at his local watering hole and now he's getting his dick sucked in his hotel room. He's a dirty talker and urges this cocksucker on. Then this bear rolls over on his stomach and gets his big butt fucked. You've heard of "more cushion for the pushin'"? Well it definitely applies here.