• Dalibor Blows Czech Hunter in a Public Toilet

    Dalibor Blows Czech Hunter in a Public Toilet

    Dalibor was sitting alone having a beer after racing go-karts with his friends. Czech Hunter strikes up a conversation and eventually offers the lad 500 crowns to see his abs. In the public toilet Dalibor pulls up his shirt. He makes more money showing his ass, then his cock. Someone comes in the washroom so CH whispers, "I'll give you 10,000 crowns for a blowjob." So Dalibor sits on the toilet and sucks CH's big dick, even with the other person still in the restroom.

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  • Barebacking In The Bathroom

    Barebacking In The Bathroom

    Black barebacker and Harlem Hookups founder, the maker of all this hot interracial bareback smut, has just moved into a new apartment and is breaking it in with a bathroom fuck. The top has a very big dick! He waits in the bathroom, arse in the air. The top walks in and dives straight in to rim that hole, wetting him for the entry! They bareback bent over the toilet and then one load is squirted all over my favourite black bottom's face. There's another load too, though, and it goes all over his ass!

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  • Guy Watching: Worship Me

    Guy Watching: Worship Me

    "Drop and give me 20!" is what I want to hear these guys say to me. 20 strokes. 20 deep throats. 20 assfuckings. 20 of something dammit. It's a bit tricky because they don't even know anyone's looking and wanting. Or do they?

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  • Guy Watching: Peeping Is Fun

    Guy Watching: Peeping Is Fun

    We're already about a quarter of the way into 2015 and there's a very important question you have to ask yourself. Have you seen a quarter of the cock/bulge/ass you'll see all year? Or do you have some catching up to do? I mean you should establish a cock quota for yourself and get to peeping!

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  • Guy Watching: Want It Need It Get It

    Guy Watching: Want It Need It Get It

    Want dick. Need dick. Get dick. Repeat. The same suggested method applies to ass. Damn, there are so many hot men to sneak peeks at. Is that what the third eye is for? Sure, the third eye is probably this mystical concept for non-literal perception, but when it's not busy non-literally perceiving, can it spare some visual data processing power to spy on more hot guys? Who do I ask to make that happen?

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  • Guy Watching: Check Me Out

    Guy Watching: Check Me Out

    Check out my cock! No, how dare you check out my cock! Check out my bulge, my ass, my everything! Don't look at me!

    I officially cannot tell when someone wants to be checked out or not. It's like the next level of not being able to tell if a guy is gay or not. Not that a guy being gay is a requirement to be able to get off on staring or sneaking a glance at him. Even before the whole metrosexual thing, gaydar got really confused at some point in the '80s when straight guys got into hair gel. That's my theory.

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  • Guy Watching: I Can See Your Cock

    Guy Watching: I Can See Your Cock

    Men's rooms, now with extra man parts for your viewing pleasure. Assuming you have a sneaky camera to capture hot cock moments. Also assuming you consider mostly flaccid peeing cocks to be hot. I know closet case fraternity dudes consider them to be hot. But, while there are thousands of those dudes, that isn't everybody. Toilet cock and (other exposed cock) may be an acquired taste.

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  • Guy Watching: Naked Toilet Time

    Guy Watching: Naked Toilet Time

    Hey, you know how you can set your cell phone to be silent, including when you snap pics? That way, it won't make that fake shutter clicking sound. And that way, you're free to sneakily take pics of guys doing their sexy bathroom things.

    That may mean pissing, jerking off in a stall, or just flashing their ass to no one in particular. Except of course your waiting camera lens. Isn't sort of violating someone's privacy then jerking off to it later awesome!

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  • Training Buddies Randy and Samuel Fuck Raw

    Training Buddies Randy and Samuel Fuck Raw

    Some great news for Twink Lovers and Bareback Sex Enthusiasts ... Bareback Twink site Sweet and Raw is now releasing three updates per week and today's episode is a hot one for sure! Randy Scott and Samuel Hoffman are both proficient gymnasts and genuine Olympic hopefuls ... and they are also training partners. This of course means, in the full-on period leading up to the Olympic Trials, they do almost everything together ... they train together, eat together, and even sleep in the same room together!

    After today's hard training session the guys are naturally looking for a good way to wind down and work out all that excess testosterone that's now coursing thru their bodies ... and what's better than some good old-fashioned ... sex? The cock-hungry twinks take turns chowing down on each other's hard uncut cocks ... then Samuel rim's his buddies arsehole, moistening it, getting it ready for his nicely curved uncut cock ... he desperately wants to bury it deep inside that tight hole! And before you can say "Pommel Horse" ... Randy's hole is being bareback fucked in a variety of positions all over the gym! While Randy is sitting astride his buddies cock, he gets the urge to shoot his cum load, after which Samuel pulls out and stands up so that his cock is level with Randy's face and jerks his own huge load all over the handsome twink, who cheekily sucks off the last few drops for good measure!

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  • Parker London Returns to Next Door Buddies

    Parker London Returns to Next Door Buddies

    Or has he!? It's been a couple of years since we heard from tattooed beefcake Parker London. In the meantime, he's surfaced in a local Virginia TV spot from his new gig as a Norfolk coffee shop manager (touting the Mighty Mug!). But even though we thought London had retired from the industry, he may or may not be back to his old gay porn stomping grounds. A few days ago, Next Door Buddies posted a "new" bonus scene featuring Parker titled "The Big Bust." In it, he has raunchy men's room sex with ginger stud James Jamesson, who has also come and gone from the business (along with his burly man beard!). We get the feeling that this scene may have been sitting in the Next Door vaults for a while (that glory-hole set dates back years!), but who knows? At least we get to see Parker back in action again.

    The scene starts with London jacking in a bathroom stall when police officer Jamesson happens upon the glory hole and decides to fuck with Parker (literally). (Fun fact: These guys did a duo together for Next Door back in 2010!) London deep-throats the mustachioed cop before the pair gets dirty right there on the restroom floor with James on top. So whether Parker has really returned or not, this scorchy scene will still get you off! For more information, visit Next Door Buddies.

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