• Alessio Romero & Reid Thrasher Fuck on a Yoga Ball

    Alessio Romero & Reid Thrasher Fuck on a Yoga Ball

    I've always wondered what to do with that yoga ball rolling around my den. The novelty wore off months ago, but I can't bring myself to deflate it because, you know, I'm going to start using it again. But this latest Hairy and Raw video gives me all kinds of new ideas. And inspiration. Muscle bear Alessio Romero and gamer Reid Thrasher take turns lying back on the ball and getting their dicks sucked, then Reid balances on it while Alessio fucks his ass. And don't worry, Alessio takes his turn getting pumped on the ball.

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  • Bareback Cum Pigs: Alessio Romero & Josh Stone

    Bareback Cum Pigs: Alessio Romero & Josh Stone

    The kissing alone in this scene is worth watching, but Alessio Romero and Josh Stone tear up this bed and make this one sizzling fuck scene. These two are hot for each other and it shows. Josh deep throats Alessio's cock, then the daddy climbs on top and throat fucks him, and Josh lies back and enjoys Romero's talented mouth. Spit trails, ass eating, growling and groaning, and the fucking hasn't even started yet. 

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  • Spotlight

    Hitchhiker's Long Ride Home

    Hitchhiker's Long Ride Home

    Would you give a man a blowjob for a ride? Darin Silvers is hitchhiking, he's trying to get home from work after a long day. Alessio Romero is horny and he's out cruising in his car. After picking up this sexy hitchhiker, Alessio pulls into an alley and says, "I'd be happy to drive you home if you'd give me a blowjob." Darin looks gobsmacked. "Are you serious?" he asks, then after a pause he adds, "Whatever, dude."

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  • Trey Turner Returns to Pornland

    Trey Turner Returns to Pornland

    Do you remember Trey Turner? A few years ago starting in 2009 or so, he was everywhere in Pornland -- good-looking, ripped and hung studs are always in high demand. Turner was versatile, too, which made him all the more popular. Back then he was boyfriends with Jessie Colter, then in 2013, after four years of filming, Turner's Twitter feed went dark and he disappeared. But this month he's back and what a difference a couple of years makes! Come inside and check him out.

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  • Trending Video: Alessio Romero & Brett Bradley

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    Brett Bradley hates doctors visits because they make him really nervous. He's not sure what's wrong with his bulging doc, but after some fidgeting, Dr Alessio Romero comes to examine him in his room at Extra Big Dicks. Brett isn't sure how to tell the doctor what his problem is, but Dr Romero is swiftly onto it by inspecting him cock and balls. Brett has to do the standard cough test, and from there Dr Romero diagnoses and treats his patient with some unconventional forms of medicine.

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  • Marines Alessio Romera & Drake Jaden Fuck

    Marines Alessio Romera & Drake Jaden Fuck

    I didn't know the military allowed their men to wear such unkempt facial hair, must be some new branch called the Scruffy Seals or something. When Titan Men's Upper Hand opens, Marine Drake Jaden is lying back on his bunk, still in uniform, and he's pulled his bone through his fly having a quick wank. When his roommate Alessio Romero interrupts, Drake pulls his shirt over his erection saying, "Sorry about that, man." But Alessio isn't bothered, he sits back on his own bunk, pulls out his hard-on, and joins him.

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  • Donnie Dean & Alessio Romero Flip Fuck Raw

    Donnie Dean & Alessio Romero Flip Fuck Raw

    Donnie Dean is one of those power bottoms I never tire of watching. Aside from being good looking and packing an awesome body, he's one of those guys who excels at all things bottom. After the opening kissing in this Bareback That Hole scene, Donnie gets down on all fours to suck Alessio Romero's cock. Alessio leans on Donnie's back and fingers his beautiful round ass, digging deep inside with his wet fingers. All the while, Donnie gulps Alessio's bone with loud gobbling and moaning.

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  • Alessio Romero Debuts in Two Bareback Scenes


    I heard last week that Alessio Romero had filmed a bareback scene for Raw Fuck Club and was also filming a second scene for Lucas Entertainment. But it was one of those "promise not to tell" scenarios, so I patiently waited to see who would get their scene out first. And Raw Fuck Club is the clear winner, beating Lucas Entertainment by a whole day and getting Romero sitting on the hottest monster cock in the business -- Rocco Steele.

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  • Strip Blackjack Leads to Anthony Fucking Alessio

    Strip Blackjack Leads to Anthony Fucking Alessio

    What better way for two strangers to get to know each other than a game of strip blackjack! Well, that's what Dirty Tony thought when he introduced the young, somewhat inexperienced hottie Anthony Rex to the older and wiser Alessio Romero.

    Things start off with the guys on the bed together playing cards, with the loser stripping off a piece of clothing after each round, on the understanding that the winner gets to top whoever ends up naked first. Now, intentional or not, Alessio is first to be wearing nothing but a jockstrap, and that's when the cards stop and things really get horny! After some hot kissing and cock stroking, Anthony decides to work on his prize, and he goes down and starts sucking and deep-throating Alessio's thick cock. But before long it's Alessio's turn to get his own throat stretched, plus he also dives further down and some spit and stubble lead to some hot arse eating action, which soon has Anthony moaning his approval. But eventually the winner wants to claim his ultimate prize and Anthony lays back and watches as Alessio slides his tight hole right down over Anthony's thick, rigid cock. Alessio gets a major thigh workout in this position, but the younger Anthony wants even more depth, so he pulls out and quickly rolls Alessio over onto his back and re-inserts his boner ... balls deep! This is the position that hits all of Alessio's buttons and he rips loose with a huge cum shot that lands all over his thick chest hair. Then it's Anthony's turn to deliver the goods and he grabs hold of Alessio's hips and continues fucking him deep and hard until he reaches his point of no return, quickly pulls out, moves around and delivers his own seemingly unending stream of cum right into Alessio's waiting mouth!

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  • Alessio Romero & Rogue Status Fuck

    Alessio Romero & Rogue Status Fuck

    I like watching real-life lovers fucking. These scenes always give us a horny look inside the bedrooms of our favourite gay porn stars and how they fuck for real. Alessio Romero and Rogue Status are a couple of hairy men, one Canadian and one Mexican, and they've been lovers for a while. And they filmed one of their private fuck videos for Men Over 30.

    Alessio Romero got started in porn first and his lover, Rogue Status, followed a while later. They have both filmed with all the major sites and studios, and they have fucked together on camera before. And their sex scene together is exactly as I imagined: the older Alessio topping the younger Rogue.

    After lots of passionate kissing and sucking, Alessio rams his dick inside Rogue's furry butt and pounds away, even grabbing a fistful of the chain around Rogue's neck for some rough riding. But this furry cub doesn't let Alessio get away with having all the fun, he pushes his lover onto the sofa and sits on his cock and rides it as fast or teasingly slow as he wants. But Alessio has the final say when he unloads his nuts all over Rogue's cute face.

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