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Lee is a good-looking, 31-year-old and he's been on Men Over 30 in a number solo and scorching suck and fuck duos. Chad has also paraded with handsome face around Men Over 30 more than a couple of times. These two men were put together to see if anything developed. And boy did it ever! They started making out passionately as they began to undress one another. In no time at all, these two horny men are naked. Chad starts off sucking Lee's aching cock, and then, Chad sits back in the chair and gets his dick serviced. The two guys go back and forth swapping blowjobs, and they get into some pretty wild positions. But Lee can't take it anymore and he's got to feel Chad's cock inside his ass. So the hot stud gets down on all fours and offers his ass to the good-looking Latino. Chad buries his cock into Lee's waiting ass - his balls slapping Lee's bubble butt. Then it's Lee's turn to do some pitching. He sits back on the couch and watches as Chad sits on his thick cock. And wait until you see the load of cum that explodes from Chad's cock as pounds up and down on Lee's dick.

Mature Men Sucking Cock

Mature Men Fucking Ass

Mature Men Fucking Ass

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