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Jessie Balboa and John Stone got us all hot and bothered a few weeks back with their frenzy cock sucking session. (Check out Jacking Off Together here at Gay Demon.) And this week Men Over 30 has invited them back for an encore. But Men Over 30 heats things up by inviting a hot 23-year-old stud to join them. Jessie Balboa is actually the only one of this trio who is over 30, and he's got his hands full with two horny, 20-year-olds. If you've ever seen Balboa in any of his many porn videos, you'll know that his ass is usually at the center of attention. But John Stone is still relatively new to both the adult scene and the gay scene, so he's hungry to try everything. He's only came out a month ago and he's definitely making up for lost time. Jessie buries his thick cock dick ball deep inside Tony Michaels' beautiful ass. While Jessie slowly plunges into Tony's ass, John's eats Jessie's butt. Then John straddles Tony and force feeds his mouth while Jessie continues dicking his ass. These horny guys continue their sweaty suck and fuck session until Jessie leads the charge and blasts off a huge stream of cum across his belly. The other two join in and Balboa is a cum-covered, sweaty mess.

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