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Jimmy catches his straight buddy thumbing through a straight porn magazine and groping his crotch. Jeremy is sitting on the sofa, bare chested and wearing a pair of jeans. His smooth and well-defined chest look pretty hot. Jeremy was surprised when his buddy walked in the room, even a little embarrassed, but Jimmy was turned on. Nothing like catching a straight guy in the act. Not wanting to spoil his friend's fun, Jimmy offered to help him out. Jeremy hemmed and hawed, but Jimmy took over and got down on his knees and started fishing out his buddy's cock. Jimmy feasts on Jeremy's cock and loves every inch of it. Jeremy sits back in a chair and lets Jimmy swallow his long, curved cock. Jeremy just recently had his first guy-on-guy experience on Next Door Buddies, and he's still getting used to the idea that guys give great blowjobs. But judging by his cumshot, he's warming up to the idea.

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