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Jake did his first scene for Active Duty last year and got his dick sucked for the first time by a guy - he even played a bit with a big cock. Jake is a good-looking straight stud with a hard-muscled body and quite a bit of ink. He's got a nice, thick cock and he keeps his balls shaved. After his first blowjob video, Jake moved on to fuck his first ass - and he's a power top, somehow knowing exactly how to service a guy's ass in a way that drives the bottom crazy. Then Jake disappeared. He had other obligations, so he wasn't available for any more filming. But as luck would have it, when Jake was returning home for Christmas, he was stuck with an 8-hour layover in Dallas. And what are layovers for? Getting laid! So Active Duty booked a hotel room near the airport and waited with Kaden Saylor for Jake to arrive.

Although eight hours sounds like a long time, by the time you deal with checking in at the airport, taxis rides to and from the hotel, and showering off the airplane smell before sex and a couple of loads of cum after sex, it's not really a lot of time. So Kade and Jake got things heated up pretty quickly. And Jake was in a Christmas giving kind of mood because he did something he's never done before - he sucked a guy's dick.

It's not long before Kaden is swallowing Jake's fat cock. Jake is filming with the camera and moaning, he's really enjoying this blowjob. Jake's also really turned on watching someone sucking his dick on the camera's viewer. When Kaden asks Jake if he's ready to suck his dick in return, to everyone's surprise, Jake says, "Damn right I wanna suck your dick." Jake has never had a guy's cock in his mouth, but I guess Kaden's a good teacher because Jake seemed to know exactly how to make a cock feel good. Then with the cocksucking over, Kaden mounted this tattooed muscle stud and fucked his stiff cock. Driving Jake's fat cock deep inside his fuck hole drove Kaden crazy and he splashed a big, watery load all over Jake's six pack. I can't wait to see what Jake does next on Active Duty. I'm betting he's going to get his ass boned before the year is over.

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