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Next Door Buddies likes to spice things up with a bit of story line from time to time. This week big-dicked Mason was browsing some Internet porn and his connection slowed down. So he called his buddy Jonny T, who is good with computers. Jonny was a little surprised to see Mason has been surfing gay porn, but he figured if his buddy was into dick maybe he'd like to suck his big dick. Five minutes later Jonny's cock is in Mason's mouth. After getting his dick good and hard in Mason's mouth, Jonny doesn't want to be a pig, so he goes down on his buddy. And then the two swap blowjobs in a 69 cock sucking session. But Jonny is hungry for some place else to slide his dick, so he bends Mason over and plows his ass with his humongous cock. Jonny unloads all over Mason's back and Mason jacks off all over his smooth belly.

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