Straight Guy Fucking

Every once in a while, Next Door Buddies likes to spice things up with a little fantasy. This week, hot stud Phenix was taking a mid-day nap last week. A '˜burglar' snuck into his room and five-fingered Phenix's watch from the nightstand. Phenix, being a light sleeper, stirred and grabbed Brodie's hand. Brodie is an imposing, muscular guy and as he towers over Phenix he says, "You can keep your watch if you suck my cock." Phenix didn't want any trouble - well he did actually - so he agreed to suck Brodie's cock. Standing by the side of the bed, Brodie feeds Phenix his big, meaty cock. Phenix starts feeling horny, so he slips out of his clothes and lies back on the bed. He's got a beautiful strong and beefy body. He spreads his legs wide and lets his big balls and pierced cock hang free, and Brodie continues to fuck his mouth. Phenix even tries to sit on Brodie's cock, but Brodie's dick was a little big for this near virgin butt hole. Phenix doesn't normally take it up the butt, so Brodie's cock was too much effort for him. Phenix goes back to sucking Brodie's cock until the muscled thief shoots his load and Phenix is free to keep his watch.



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