First of all, to all our Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully you'll put aside the turkey long enough to check out these two straight guys playing with one another. Fierce is back this week at Next Door Buddies, he's been there a couple of times now, and he has a friend coming over for some play. Mark is a cop-in-training and he is just learning how to have fun with guys. (I guess that's why he's in "disguise" with a ball cap and sunglasses.) When Mark shows up, he interrupts Fierce, who has been warming up his cock. And boy does he ever have a fat piece of meat. Very nice, indeed. When Mark comes in the two immediately begin stripping down, kissing and rubbing each other. Fierce starts sucking his buddy's cock. When it's Mark's turn, he grips Fierce's thick cock, and sizes up how he's going to get that big dick all the way down his throat. The two suck one another for a good long while before Fierce can't handle it anymore and they sit back on the couch, side by side, to jack off. Fierce soon explodes, with his balls emptying onto his stomach and hand. Mark cums seconds later, shaking and moaning as his cock throbs, shooting streams of jism onto his chest and arms.

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