Strong Hairy Hunk Cums

I'm always looking forward to the next Strong Men update. Especially when they put out hairy hunks like Giorgio here. He's actually got a few extra pounds on him, but to me, it's all in the right places. Those who are into furry men should get a kick out of Giorgio as he plays around in the bathtub and gets all his sexy man fur sticking to his skin. Pulling out the soft soap, he suds himself down from neck to toe. We even get some brief previews of his hairy man hole as he washes off his thickly muscled buttocks! I would imagine that with a name like Giorgio, he's of Italian descent. Hence, the furry physique. We don't get many Italians beating off in the bathtub in videos from what I see. Using the soap for lube, Giorgio jerks off while laying back in the tub. His rhythm gets faster and faster until he lets loose some "soft soap" of his own. Actually, it's a good healthy shot of cum!

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