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Four horny, straight guys hanging out together on a Friday night in the Next Door Buddy house. It's too late to go out, and with no girls around, someone is going to have to make a sacrifice and get down on their knees to take care of business. But when no one volunteers, the guys decide to settle things the old fashioned way - with a game of strip poker. When Taylor Aims is declared the loser, the naked stud is a good sport and gets down on his knees. His half dressed buddies stand around him, and one by one, they start fishing out their dicks for a some lip action. JonnyT, Jeremy Bilding, and Dylan McLovin were fairly confident halfway through the game that they wouldn't be losing, so they upped the ante - whoever loses gets fucked up the ass! And Taylor's buddies don't waste any time sticking their big cocks into every hole he has. With one fucking his ass and another pumping his mouth, Taylor jacks his own cock. And when everyone has had their fill of Taylor's mouth and ass, they lie the loser back on the floor, gather around him, and coat his face with three beautiful loads of jizz. Now that's how you play poker!

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