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This week on Extra Big Dicks they're bringing back a couple of straight studs who have both shown us their big dicks before. And these two guys have never jacked off with another guy before, or at least they're not admitting it. Ronald Casis is originally from Colorado and he's packing an 8-inch thick cock. Dick Armstrong is a 19-year-old with an 8-plus-inch dick. Both guys are exhibitionists and love the notion that people are watching them jacking off,. And Dick Armstrong seems just a little bit too interested in Ronald's big dick. I don't know whether it's penis envy, or whether he's curious about doing it with guys, but when you watch the video you'll see him checking out Ronald several times. Lying back on the sofa, with their legs almost touching, these two straight studs pump out their loads one after the other. We'll see whether I'm right about Dick Armstrong. If I am, I'm sure we'll he be back on Extra Big Dicks getting his huge cock sucked by another guy.

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