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Parker is a 21-year-old, ripped, blond dude who has been making a number of videos over at Chaos Men. Although he's straight, he seems to be pretty open minded. He's fucked three guys so far, and he's even done a solo session where he's fucked his own ass with a dildo. So far, though, he hasn't let another guy fuck his ass. But I'm sure that's coming.

Kent Reeves, on the other hand, is going to let Parker fuck his ass - and this will be Kent's very first time getting boned. Kent is a good-looking, ripped jock with a thick cock. When Chaos Men approached Kent about doing another video, he was eager but really wanted to top again. Unfortunately, Parker hasn't gotten his mind around the whole bottoming thing, and since Kent is saving for a new car, the dollar signs in his eyes were stronger than his apprehension of getting fucked.

After trading blowjobs, they get to work on Kent's virgin ass. Parker slowly inches his big dick into Kent's raw ass, and Kent takes Parker's dick with ease. To be fair, before the shooting began, Kent had been working on his butt with a dildo and getting his butt relaxed and ready. Not only is this Kent's first anal sex scene, but the guys aren't using condoms, so this is his first bareback sex experience.

Once Kent's ass is used to Parker's hard cock, he mounts the blond stud and sits on his big dick. With Parker's fuck pole buried deep inside his hole, Kent nuts a huge load all over his ripped abs. Parker really gets off watching Kent sperm himself and the blond stud jerks off his creamy load all over Kent's hairy butt hole.

There's plenty more of Kent and Parker over at Chaos Men. Between the two of them there are eight more suck and fuck and jerk-off videos. You'll want to see them all.

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