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Dylan McLovin and Ricky M have the day off work and they decide to spend it in the backyard, lounging by the pool. And with no neighbours to worry about, these two sexy straight guys strip out of their swimming trunks and go for a skinny dip. They horse around in the pool and feeling the water on their cocks and balls gets them horny. They take a break from swimming and get into some nude wrestling in the hot sun. Now, how can you possibly resist popping your buddy's cock in your mouth when he's got his legs wrapped around your head? The guys start swapping blowjobs and getting their dicks hard. But these straight guys will only go so far. It's one thing to help a buddy out with a bit of lip action, but these two guys draw the line at anal. They lie back in the lounge chairs in the shade and stroke their dicks side by side. They even kiss a little bit to push them over the edge. One by one, they empty their balls all over their bellies, and then, lie back for a nap. It's hot guy-on-guy action, the kind that we're accustomed to seeing at Next Door Buddies.

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