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Alan is an airplane mechanic and he's knew to the world of Sean Cody. He just recently got naked on the gay porn site and pumped out a load. He's got an impressive long cock crowned with a perfectly plump cock head. And he's about to do his first guy-on-guy scene for Sean Cody. He sits on the couch with Kurt, a 22-year-old, straight college student with a big dick. "It's been a while, actually," Kurt said, referring to the fact the hadn't been fucked for quite some time. "It's like riding a bike, though," he added. "I think you'll be all right," Alan said, patting Kurt's chest. And he teased Kurt a little by caressing his ticklish nipples, and then started rubbing his shoulders. And the guys are off. It never ceases to amaze me how these straight guys can jump right in and do what the rest of us love doing. Surprisingly, Alan really gets into rimming Kurt's ass, and he's quite good at it, too, judging by all the moaning and groaning coming out of Kurt. But eventually Alan slides his hard cock into Kurt's ass, and the two fuck for a long time. There are a few Sean Cody signature acrobatic moves, but what shines through is how much Alan enjoys fucking. And judging by the load of spunk of Kurt's ripped abs, he enjoyed getting fucked.

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