First Time Fucking Ass

Sexy Trey Turner is back showing off his huge tool on Extra Big Dicks. But since his last appearance where he got his ass fucked on Two Big Dicked Guys Fuck he's been taken off the market. Trey found a new beau and did his best impersonation of a lesbian when he pulled up in a U-Haul. But his new love is open-minded and didn't mind Trey continuing to thrill us on the big dick gay porn site. Peter Stamin doesn't have boyfriend troubles, but he does have a girlfriend. And this week, he's going to a place that few straight guys go: he's burying his big dick deep inside another guy's ass for the first time. And Peter is a thrill to watch. He's not one of those do-me straight guys. Peter gets right into it and experiences it all - kissing, sucking, getting sucking, cock kissing, 69 cock sucking, rimming, and finally, burying his bone in Trey's beefy ass. And when he's done plowing Trey's butt, this straight guy blows his load all over Trey's dick, giving the black stud some lube to pull off his own dick!

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